GU4DEC 2003

Just came back from GUADEC,
held this year in Dublin. As all the previous GUADEC’s, it has been really fun,
and also as always, interest in GNOME hacking increases, at least on my part,
after expending some days surrounded by cool GNOME hackers.

The conferences were held in the Trinity College, a wonderful place, as you can
see in the photos that
I took. A preview follows:

As the previous year in Sevilla, I gave a talk, this time with the help of my friend
German, about
GNOME Network, a dead module in GNOME CVS that we are trying to resurrect from death.
The talk did not go very well, since it was supposed to be a BOF, where German and I
could get cool ideas about new tools/features in the package, and there were just
a few people. In any case, we got some good ideas, which we will be implementing
soon. If you want to see the talk, I have put the slides

The most interesting thing about this GUADEC is that we have committed to doing
a libgda/libgnomedb 1.0 release very soon (later this summer), to go with the
(hopefully) GNOME Office 1.0 release.