Euskal Party 2003

I went this weekend to give a talk to the
11th Euskal Party.
It was the first time I go to this kind of party, where hundreds of
people stay, night and day, for 5 days, in a big arena, playing games,
downloading movies, demoing stuff (scene stuff, really nice), etc. There was
also this year a session of free software-related talks.

It was too hot there, but there were a lot of nice things to see, like
a USB-driven refrigerator, for having at any time cold drinks near you.

On Sunday, I went with my girlfriend to visit Bilbao (city where, BTW, the
party was held, in the north of Spain, in the Basque Country), which is
an industrial city. I’ve heard a lot of people talking bad things about
Bilbao (about its ugliness mainly), but I did really like the city though, all
surrounded by mountains.

The main tourist thing in the city is the Guggenheim museum, which is really impressive,
as seen on this photo.

See the other photos here.