Very nice to have Philippe using GdaXmlDatabase, since we forgot about it, and it had
a few non-working and other missing bits. Philippe has been using it and finding
the problems
, and we have been fixing them, so we’ll have a fully working
GdaXmlDatabase for 1.0.

This class will be, with no doubt, one of the nice features of libgda, and which makes it
a generic data management library, not really 100% dependent on a running database server.
That is, GdaXmlDatabase can now (thanks to Philippe) be used by a lot of applications,
not related to databases at all. This class offers a way to store, query and modify an
XML file representing a database. It is used in libgda to import/export databases, but can also
be used as a data storage, like you do with Berkeley DB, for instance, but much better,
since you can have any number of fields, you can query the data via SQL, and, for using
it, you have to deal with the really nice GdaDataModel class. I am in fact going to use it in
which I hope will be a good example to convince other people to use it.