A lot of new things today, like the probable inclusion of Emphetamine into
gnome-network. César Tapia is going to work on it.

Also, a lot of ideas are coming up about gnome-network (we should have created the
mailing list before :-), such as some sort of ZeroConf/SLP integration. From a first
look (not too deep though), it seems we could offer a set of SLP functions on a
shared library, and then have GNOME applications use that lib. Thus, Galeon (or
Epiphany, or whatever) can use that library to discover web servers on the network,
gFTP can use it to discover FTP servers, etc. This is how Mac Os X seems to do it.

There is not yet a clear decision on how to offer the file sharing stuff to users.
Using Apache’s public_html is one of the solutions talked
so far, although I am more and more convinced on just relying on GNOME System Tools’
file sharing tool (to be available soon) to do the job, thus making us support
all systems supported by GST.