GNOME Network

I’ve accepted à lvaro’s
for the Personal Web Server tool. It is separated in two: a class
(GObject-based, of course) in libgnetwork (new library, where we intend to
add more functionality) and the PWS itself, which is a docklet icon for
the system tray. It works with Cherokee’s
, and, yes, it works. There are still some things to be
fixed, but it’s a very good start. It is though not the best way to share
files, and we should have a long term plan that includes NFS, SMB, FTP, etc,
that is, integrate the tools into the already running services.

Also, we should think on having the download/upload manager stuff
contained in the libgnetwork library, so that we can get other applications
(web browsers, Nautilus, …) to use the same stuff.