GNOME Network

We’ve finally merged libgtcpsocket into our libgnetwork.
To keep all CVS history, logs, etc, we’ve just renamed libgtcpsocket
and will be adding new functionality from there. We now need to complete
all the renaming stuff and, once that is done, integrate the already
available GNetworkHttpServer in that
new library.


The first consequence of following the GNOME release schedule from now on is
that the priorities for the 1.2 release are now clear. The focus will be mainly
on making the data models updatable, so that you can do things like:

        GdaDataModel *model;
	GdaRow *row;
	model = gda_connection_get_table (cnc, "mytable");
	row = gda_data_model_get_row (model, row_number);
	/* modify the GdaValue's contained in 'row' */
	gda_data_model_update_row (model, row);

Thus not having to use SQL at all for modifying the data in the underlying data
source (now needed, in 1.0). Also, of course, there are equivalent functions to
remove a row (gda_data_model_remove_row) and to add
new rows (gda_data_model_append_row) to the data model.