MotoGP in Valencia

I’ve been last weekend in Valencia, for the
MotoGP Grand Prix
. We had VIP tickets, so we had the chance to get
into the pit lane, where the boxes of each team are, like Aoki’s:

Or the mytical Derbi’s (the Red Bullets):

The circuit (in Cheste) is really nice, since you see all parts of the track from almost everywhere:

We slept in Valencia in Carlos’
. It was nice to see him again, although the visit was quite quick, since
we arrived in Valencia at 6PM on Saturday and we had to leave to Cheste at 7AM on

GNOME Network

Oops, I forgot to blog this: gnome-network now has a
sharing tool
thanks to Rob Clews. It uses VNC as the protocol for sharing the desktop,
and has a nice system tray icon, from where you can see a list of connected clients,
disconnect them, etc. This will be available in the next gnome-network release.