James Cape is kicking ass on his work on libgnetwork. He just finished SSL support,
and has started working on the Unix and UDP sockets support. Go James Go!


Just watched on TV a documentary about the
Prestige catastrophe
that happened one year ago. It’s really sad to see the volunteers talking about
how the local government in Galicia and the Spanish government left them on their
own cleaning up hundreds of beaches infected by the fuel. Also, even sader were
the people from those governments saying all the time that everything was ok, that
the situation was under control, etc. But the fact is that there are still (this
summer, a year later, some beaches in the north of Spain still got more fuel).

But this is not all, since the volunteers seemed to be misinformed by those
governments about the situation of the different black tides. Luckily, the
Hydrographic Institute of Portugal had that same information and gave it away to
anyone wanting it.