I’ve started changing the UI of the gnome-database-properties tool
(part of libgnomedb, which allows users to configure their data
sources) so that it now displays the tables data directly when
opening the properties page for a data source:

This window is directly available from Gnumeric, Abiword, Mergeant, and, as soon as
we finish the updatable models thing, users will be able to easily modify the
data in the underlying database from this window.


Novell rocks so much!


My neck is much better today, woohoo! Tomorrow, if I’m still ok, I’ll go to
sign up on the swimming pool near my house, to swim for 1 hour or so every
day, so that neither my neck nor my back nor anything hurts me anymore. Thanks
to all people who sent greetings, and more thanks to the people sending
suggestions on what to do.