Just completed another CVS merging, by putting the never released
Evolution provider
into libgnomedb.
This provider, for those who don’t know, offers a data source that allows access
to Evolution’s contacts, calendar and tasks. It still uses the old Evolution API,
but will be converting to the new one soon.

GNOME Network

Finally started the splitting of GNOME Network, with a CVS module for
each tool. I’ve started with GNOME
, the network information tool. Ã lvaro PeÃ&plusmm;a is starting
to work in the second iteration of the file sharing tool, now better integrated
into the desktop itself. It won’t be a separated tool, but a set of Nautilus
extensions to allow sharing files via many protocols. So far, only HTTP via Apache
(using the ~/public_html), but will be extended to
work with other web servers (like Cherokee)
and other network services, like NFS, SMB, NCP, FTP, etc. A screenshot of what
à lvaro has done so far is here;
the source code itself is in GNOME

Heavy Metal

Just finished watching “Heavy Metal, F.A.K.K. 2”, the second part
of “Heavy Metal”, a very good comic-like cartoon movie, for adults. As the
first part, good music and fantastic fightings and animations. I had been
for years willing to watch again the first part, so it’s been great to watch
the second one, and even better to see that its end leaves everything open
for a third part.