I’ve been reading, while on vacation, “Caballo de Troya”, by JJ Benítez,
a famous Spanish investigator of misteries. The book is about a former Major of the
US Air Force who hands to JJ Benítez a set of documents about a top secret project
of the USAF, on which a time travel to the Palestine of the year 30 of our era is described
in great detail. The purpose of the travel is to obtain a highly accurate description
of the last days of Jesus Christ. I’m not sure (as neither is JJ Benítez) if the story
is true (it is indeed hard to believe), but the book is fascinating.

One of the things described in the book is an atomic computer, used to do all the
calculations for the time travel. That computer is supposed to be based on titanium
atoms, which have billions of different “states” (or energetic levels).
Based on that, instead of using bytes, clearly limited,
they use those atoms to store numbers, which gives an unlimited range of what can
be stored on them. The change from one state (one number) to another one (another number)
is done by freeing or sucking energy at different frequencies. Not sure if this is only
science-fiction or if it is indeed possible at all. I want an atomic computer!!


Yes, Bastien,
Scary Movie 2 is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in the last years.