New machine

Got the new machine from Novell Spain last week, a Dell Dimension 8300 P4 at 3,2 GHz,
with a TFT monitor, and a 5:1 speaker system on which music sounds like in heaven. I
took advantage of that to install SuSE 9 on it and on my laptop (where I was running Debian).
The only regression from my laptop+Debian is that the TFT monitor only supports 1240×960,
while I was running at 1600×1200 on the laptop, but my eyes are now happier since I use a smaller
Apart from that, moving from Debian to SuSE was quite straightforward, specially after
installing Red
, which made me not miss apt-get at all. There is though much less
software available (both from Ximian and Open
) for SuSE than what there is in Debian unstable, but so far, all the
software I’ve needed, I’ve been able to install it, and without the pain I remember for my
use of RPM-based distros some years ago, when there was no software updating tool apart
from downloading RPMs and installing them by hand.


Andre has released version
of Papyrus,
a XML reporting engine for Linux. This new version is all driven by libgda, the GNOME Office data access