I imported yesterday gjobs
into GNOME CVS. This is just a skeleton of a simple and HIG-compliant frontend to
the crontab command, that is, a tool to manage scheduled

This is intended to be a skeleton for gnome-love people to pick up the development. I hope
this succeeds, as it is happening with the GNOME
Keyring Manager
project. As a start point, I added a list of things
that need to be done
, which I’ll reproduce here so that everybody can see
how easy it is to do this tool:

  • Implement reading from the user’s crontab (that can be done by parsing
    the output of ‘crontab -l’, which AFAIK should be standard over all
    supported platforms). This is to be done in src/crontab.[ch].
  • Display the list of scheduled jobs retrieved from crontab in the list
    view in the main window. Some thoughts should be put on how to display
    the ‘When’ information. crontab stores day of week, day of month, month,
    hour and minute. Not sure if we should display all that or just a
    human-readable string (“first sundays on all months”, etc).
  • Implement writing the user’s crontab. This can be done again via the
    crontab command, which accepts gets its standard input as the contents
    of the crontab file.
  • Implement the ‘add’ and ‘properties’ buttons. These should open the same
    dialog, to allow adding new entries or edit existing entries in the
    crontab file.
  • Implement the ‘remove’ button. This should just remove the entry from the