Software patents

There are today, as we speak, many demonstrations
against software patents in Spain
(and I guess other countries in Europe), an
issue that, unfortunately, is still unresolved here in Europe. I really appreciate
the efforts from the people at Proinnova
(and other similar European groups fighting against software patents) for all the
work they are doing to defend us from this threat.

Also worthy to note is that given that elections for the European Parlament are taking
place in June in all the EU countries, people going to vote should check the different
parties’ positions related to software patents. So far, and thanks to some people from
Hispalinux, it’s been confirmed
that Izquierda
Unida is against software patents
. I’ll post more information on other parties as
soon as I get it, so that nobody can blame me for asking the vote for a single party.
Vote to whomever you want, but check they are going to fight against software patents first.