GNOME Nettool

Carlos García has just committed his changes to GNOME Nettool
that allows the devices information tab to display information on IPv6 addresses,
not only IPv4.

The interesting bit of this patch (apart from, of course, the IPv6 support) is the
way the GUI adapts itself to the system having 1 or more addresses per network
interface. Thus, if there’s only one, it just displays a label with that address;
if there’s more than one, it displays a tree view with all the addresses, as shown
in the screenshot above.


As Mark points out,
Wikipedia is great. Not
only, as Mark said, does it have a huge amount of documents with a good quality, but
it also has that same amount/quality for many languages other than English.
I talked some time ago with some friends about doing a GNOME frontend to it (a
gnome-pedia application), although I don’t know if they
offer a XML-RPC (or similar) interface. Does anyone know?