San Fermín

Headed yesterday evening to Pamplona for San Fermín, with Cristina, Ana, Isaac and
Yolanda. As every year, every corner of the city was full of people, some of which
on difficult ethilic states. We headed to the Plaza de los Fueros for the free
live concert. It was about hip hop, with two groups: Niumara, which was composed
by a guy playing bongos and 6/7 girls dancing; and La Mala Rodriguez, a gipsy
from Madrid
who seems to mix his nice gipsy voice with hip hop sounds. Was not that bad,
but really, I would have preferred something a few less repetitive. Anyway, it’s always
good to hear new music.

After the concert, we walked over Pamplona, finding again people all over, bars full,
music everywhere, and, after 24 hours of party, lots of rubbish. We ended up in the
Gaztetxe for a few more beers and a bit of better music.

Le Tour

Lance Armstrong seems to be flying towards his 6th Tour de France. This would mean
beating the great Miguel Indurain, born in Pamplona,
who, like Lance as of today, won 5 consecutive Tours (from 1991 to 1995).
So I still hope someone can beat him, although that looks really difficult, given the
differences he set up yesterday in the team time trial, and that Lance is the best.
A pity Joseba Beloki is not running this Tour, not sure what his performance would have
been, but last year, until his injury, he was one of the best contenders for Lance.