Eons ago, we started, at GNOME
, a book
about GNOME programming, in Spanish. We took some articles
we had already written about many different topics, and started with some translations
of the GTK+ tutorial. The result was a huge
(more than 200 pages in the PDF version last time I generated it)
that looks really promising. But the fact is that it needs a lot of cleaning here and
there, to correct the language, the grammar, the code samples, and, more important,
to finish the unfinished sections. For this second task, of course we need people
that know, apart from Spanish, the GNOME APIs good enough to write about them, although
we could complete them by making translations of already existing documentation in
English. For the first task though, anyone speaking Spanish can help. This is specially
interesting for people looking forward to learn GNOME programming, since they can
study/fix the book as they learn.

So, for people interested in helping, please subscribe to the mailing
we’ve created for coordination.