After the hackers meeting last weekend, I felt yesteday an urgent need of hacking on something
new. So, I started thinking and remembered having to ask people to run
bonobo-activation-run-query to see if some Bonobo components
were being found correctly, and the
Dan Siemon and I wrote some time ago for browsing and querying Bonobo components. That is,
the Bonobo Activation-based tool like the good old goad-browser. So took
the code and added it to the libbonoboui module, fixed some stuff (like the
usage of the GNOME libraries, which won’t be possible if the code is in libbonoboui),
and here’s the result:

It is missing now a better GUI and some nice dialogs for making easier running complicated
Bonobo Activation queries. The code is not yet in CVS, but will probably be there soon.


Just uploaded the photos
from last weekend’s hackers meeting