Spent many hours this weekend reviewing pending patches and preparing the 1.1.99
release of libgda
and libgnomedb
. This is just the last release we do before getting 1.2 out,
so you can consider we’re frozen now. 1.2 will be released in a couple of weeks.

Talks have started about what to do for 1.3/1.4, and the most interesting thing we’ve talked
about is the merging of part of libmergeant into libgda and libgnomedb. The main feature
that will add to our libraries is a data dictionary and a pretty good form widget. Also,
libgnomedb will probably suffer from a detailed review and many of the widgets that can
be replaced by normal GTK widgets will be removed, and so allow people to use normal
GTK widgets and bound data to them. Not sure how this will be done yet, but I guess it
would make libgnomedb a much more interesting library to use.