GNOME-DB plans for 1.3/1.4 are starting to get into shape. First of all, the libgnomedb
and libmergeant integration
, which will bring, to libgnomedb, a full featured
data dictionary and all kind of associated widgets for editing data, creating tables, in
short, fully manage the database. This is indeed a big change, since we have duplicated
functionality in both libgnomedb and libmergeant, and there are some things that need
a better integration, like more reuse of the libgda classes (mainly the data models,
which allow an easy extension), but seems a good compromise for next version, specially
after having failed in 1.2 to provide all promised features for a full management of
the data from the API.

Once the integration is done, libgnomedb will have much more sense, since it wont be
anymore a crazy collection of different widgets, it will provide a rich set of
widgets to allow an easy management of databases in GNOME/GTK applications.


Today, there’s a total
lunar eclipse
that is, fortunately, fully visible from my place (fully visible also
in many places around the world, follow the link above to see specific location information).
So, if rain permits, I’ll go out tonight to watch it.