GNOME Events

Luis forgot about the
GNOME hackers meeting in
Móstoles (Madrid)
, which is taking place as we speak. I finally was not able to
attend, since I’m leaving on holidays next Monday and still have a lot of pending work
to finish, so I decided to not go.

There are some very interesting things about this meeting. First, that there are more attendees
than in our first
meeting in Pamplona
. Second, that there will be, tomorrow, a hackfest coordinated, via
IRC (#gnome-hispano on irc.gnome.org), with the people attending
the GNOME Forum in


It’s now official that I’ll be going, during my 2 week holidays starting next week, to
Egypt, for a lot of sightseeing. I waited so much to buy the tickets, even though I had
already planned the trip months ago, because there are, at the beginning of November, a lot
of new offers for the new season (which starts in November), so I could buy better and cheaper
tickets. So, yeah, going at last to Egypt, after so many years wanting to do so, finally
I’ll be able to travel to a different culture than the western one. Indeed, I’ve only
travelled around Europe, 2/3 times to the US, and once to Chile,
which although a bit different, is still very similar to the Spanish culture. So I really
wanted to travel to a different place, with different culture and customs. Next time I’ll
go to India, to see the Novell India guys.

Egypt is, as I read,
a paradise for photographers, so even though I am a bad one, expect a lot of nice photos.
The itinerary is as follows:

  • Day 1: flight from Barcelona to Luxor, where a boat will be waiting for us.
  • Day 2: visit to the fabulous temples of Karnak and
    Luxor, then sailing to Esna.
  • Day 3: visit to temple dedicated to Horus in Esna, then saling to Kom Ombo.
  • Day 4: visit to the high dam of Assuan
    and to the unfinished obelisk in the quarry in Assuan. Visit to the temple of Philae with
    a light and sound performance at night.
  • Day 5: all day in Assuan.
  • Day 6: sailing to Kom Ombo and visit there to the temples dedicated to Sobek
    and Haroeris. Then sailing to Edfu.
  • Day 7: sailing to Luxor, passing by the lock of Esna.
  • Day 8: visit to the necropolis of Tebas, the valley of the kings and the
    graves of the pharaohs, the temple of Medinat Habu and the Colossi of Memnon. Then to the
    airport and flight to Cairo.
  • Day 9: Cairo,
    visit to the pyramids of
    Gizeh and the Sphynx
  • Day 10: all day in Cairo.
  • Day 11: stay all day again in Cairo
    or, optionally, go visit Alexandria.
  • Day 12: flight from Cairo to Barcelona, end of the trip.

A lot of places, yeah, and the only thing I really don’t like about the trip is it being an organized
one, that is, with a guide and a group of lost tourists running after him/her. But
since I knew nothing about Egypt, I guess that’s the best way for the first travel. If we like it (which
I’m sure we’ll do), next year we’ll go on our own.