GNOME Office

Sven Herzberg (of
Criawips fame)
has started to put some effort in making the
, specifically on the plugin system it contains, which was intended
to be used by GNOME
applications, but which hasn’t been used yet (mainly because we
wanted the Gnumeric plugin system to be merged).

So, at least one point of my API
might start rolling. The idea of the plugin system in libgnomeoffice
is that there is a
to, of course, load the plugins, a
to be implemented by plugins, and a set of generic interfaces that are
implemented in the plugins (like the
service interface

Some work that needs to be done:

  • Convert all services to interfaces, so they can be directly implemented by the
    GOfficePlugin class.
  • Create new generic interfaces, and add new plugins implementing those interfaces.
    Although, as the intent is to have the plugin system generic enough to be used
    by any application, the interfaces need to be well thought and designed (the
    current ones are more a proof of concept than anything else).

So, if anyone is interested in all this work (which might one day, if successful, end up
in GTK/GLib/whatever), please contact GNOME
Office mailing list