GTK+ Cairo

So went ahead yesterday and compiled 2.11 with jhbuild. Everything worked great (didn’t do any performance review) when opening a “normal” X session. But, when using Xnest, this is the result:

Not sure if it’s Cairo’s or GTK’s fault, or anything else’s, but it looks quite bad.

On the good news front, I have to say I didn’t feel it being much slower than 2.6. Of course, as I said, I didn’t do any performance tests, but still, doing normal desktop tasks, I didn’t see it perform too bad compared to 2.6 (which is not slow and unresponsive, despite what Eugenia might say). To show a little example, here is the color selector dialog with no Cairo:

And the one with Cairo:

Which one looks better?

4 thoughts on “GTK+ Cairo”

  1. I finally found the difference! yeah, it was hard. One has a Opacity field and the other hasn’t. Did I win something?

  2. @Anonymous
    The Opacity field is not the importent difference. To find the difference look closer to the color circle and the color triangle, they are antialias. Even on my old CRT I can see a difference.

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