Alberto Herreros

Yesterday Alberto Herreros, one of the best basketball players in Spain of the last years, played his last professional game, scoring a 3 pointer in the last moment, to make his team, Real Madrid, win a championship for the first time in 5 years (bad record for a team like Real Madrid, that used to win almost every year a few decades ago).

Even though Alberto is considered a traitor for us, Estudiantes supporters (he left Estudiantes some years ago to play with archrival Real Madrid, something that Estudiantes supporters never forgive), I’ve always liked him, and was indeed suffering this year seeing him playing so few minutes. So, even though I wanted Tau Vitoria to win the final, it made me quite happy to see Alberto score the winning basket, in the last seconds of his last game (5th and last game in the finals playoff) as a professional player. So, this is my little tribute to Alberto, to whom the only thing I can criticize is his refusal, many years ago, before going to Real Madrid, to go to Indiana Pacers on the NBA, where he would have been, for sure, a good player.