Windows virii

Seems the last evil virus for Windows XP shut down last night the network of Digital+, a satellite TV broadcasting company. It indeed shut down everything, since at around 1 AM, all channels became blank on my TV, and soon after that the radio was talking about the virus problems in Digital+ as well as in other companies.

I guess it is a good time for some GNU/Linux-based company sales people to visit these poor souls and offer a real operating system that doesn’t get the company to a halt because of some stupid virus.

6 thoughts on “Windows virii”

  1. Of course it has vulnerabilities, but I don’t know of any case of a whole company being shut down by one of those vulnerabilities.

  2. I think the fault for this event falls on the adminstrators of digital+’s network.
    A patch had already been released.
    No matter what OS you use, you need to patch.
    Linux is in no way more secure if not patched than windows.
    Stop spreading useless FUD.

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