Solar eclipse

Next week, on October 3rd, for lucky people in the Iberian Peninsula or in some parts of Africa (specially Sudan), there will be an annular solar eclipse, something that hasn’t been seen in more than 200 years.

Since I am not a lucky person, I will miss it, since those days I’ll be on the other part of the Atlantic, in Boston, for some desktop team meeting action and the GNOME summit.

Eurobasket 2005

I like a lot watching sports, but I’m not too passionate, except when it comes to the Spanish national basketball team. And today it was one of those days it’s nice to remember. 101-85 against Croatia in the quarter final of the Eurobasket 2005 that is taking place in Serbia & Montenegro, in a great game, with an overtime forced by Fran Vázquez in the last seconds, when all seemed lost for Spain.

All seemed to indicate Spain was going to take the same route as the other 3 first round groups’ leaders, all of them eliminated in the quarter finals in very ugly games (it is indeed curious that the 2 best teams, from what we’ve seen in the quarter finals have been Spain and Croatia, since the other 3 games were, well, “of low quality”), and the game started the same way, with Spain scoring only 11 points in the first quarter. But fortunately, the Spanish players reacted and won one of the best games I’ve seen in years.

Only bad thing was when the Croatians lost their nerves in the last minute of the overtime, following a foul on Gordan Giricek, when the crowd (Serbian) started to shout “Serbia, Serbia” (I guess there are still a lot of wounds to be closed between Serbians, Croatians and Bosnians), and the Croatian players and coach started to insult the referees. Bad end for a great game.

And tomorrow, semifinals against Germany. Let’s hope Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t break our hopes :)

Zaragoza hackers meeting

Came back yesterday from Zaragoza, where we had the III hackers meeting. It wasn’t as productive as I expected though :( I thought we could have had people working more intensively in fixing bugs, but only 2 bugs were solved, and very simple ones.

So, it’s clear that we’re doing something wrong. For the people already involved in GNOME (garnacho, kal, telemaco, tapia, juanan, dexem, etc), these meetings are productive, since we dedicate some time to hack on our already ongoing projects, we share ideas, and we have fun together at nights. But for new people, I think we really need some way of having them start working on bugs immediately, so that we can have this sort of weekends be real hacking days, and have them as GNOME contributors right after the weekend.

We talked about this during the weekend, and some possible solutions raised, like re-starting the IRC talks, so that we teach people how to hack before we get together on the weekend. Any other ideas for making these weekends more productive?

Apart from that, as always when meeting with the GNOME Hispano people, it was really fun, lots of laughs, good music (we went to a R&R bar in central Zaragoza on Saturday night), good food and, unfortunately, little sleep.

Also, one of the hopefully productive parts was about the book, since we talked about getting all people more committed to completing it, which is not much work, since we already have around 400 pages!. Hopefully people will respond to the challenge, so that the book is ready before GUADEC 2006 in Barcelona.

Easy fixes in bugzilla

As part of the III GNOME Hackers meeting next weekend in Zaragoza, we are going to introduce new people to the misteries of bug fixing in GNOME. For that, we have decided to try to fix GNOME 2.12 bugs. Unfortunately, it seems people don’t mark anymore their bugs as easy-fix when they’re easy to fix. This makes it hard for us to find easy bugs to work on at the beginning, so that new people can start fixing bugs immediately while we show the basic process.

So, could maintainers please mark easy fixes with the apropriate bugzilla keyword? Thus, hopefully, those bugs will be fixed by Sunday.

Message of the day

Today I completed my patch for the message of the day feature in gnome-session, based on comments added to the wiki.

So now, if libnotify is available, it will use that for displaying the message of the day. Apart from that, it monitors the /etc/motd file, displaying again its contents whenever it changes.

As soon as gnome-session is branched, I’ll submit the patch. For the time being, it’s here (added files here and here).

Medieval Olite

A couple of week-ends ago, I went to Olite (very close to my place) for the annual Medieval party, where all the village (which indeed looks medieval all year, with a very beatiful castle from the good times of the Kingdom of Navarra) gets dressed in medieval suits, with a fairy of artisan products, parades, etc.

I had been there for a few years now, but I never got my camera with me. This year I did take it, so took a lot of photos.

As part of the medieval party, there is a photographic contest, so I’ll be presenting a few photos for that contest, to win, if my photos get chosen as winner, a free dinner in one of the good restaurants in Olite. So far, this is the photo I like the most. Other friends will be taking other photos and presenting those under their names, so we’ll have a lot of chances to win the dinner :) I know it’s cheating, but the dinner is worth the trick.