Medieval Olite

A couple of week-ends ago, I went to Olite (very close to my place) for the annual Medieval party, where all the village (which indeed looks medieval all year, with a very beatiful castle from the good times of the Kingdom of Navarra) gets dressed in medieval suits, with a fairy of artisan products, parades, etc.

I had been there for a few years now, but I never got my camera with me. This year I did take it, so took a lot of photos.

As part of the medieval party, there is a photographic contest, so I’ll be presenting a few photos for that contest, to win, if my photos get chosen as winner, a free dinner in one of the good restaurants in Olite. So far, this is the photo I like the most. Other friends will be taking other photos and presenting those under their names, so we’ll have a lot of chances to win the dinner :) I know it’s cheating, but the dinner is worth the trick.