Message of the day

Today I completed my patch for the message of the day feature in gnome-session, based on comments added to the wiki.

So now, if libnotify is available, it will use that for displaying the message of the day. Apart from that, it monitors the /etc/motd file, displaying again its contents whenever it changes.

As soon as gnome-session is branched, I’ll submit the patch. For the time being, it’s here (added files here and here).

2 thoughts on “Message of the day”

  1. Looks nice from the screenshot (I need to get JHbuild, but first need reorganising my disk space). Only thing I’m not sure about is the icon. Appart from the recent debate about too many icons -I think it would be good to keep an icon on this notification, but then I’m no usability expert-, the choice of the icon is my hesitation.
    Help is not really the correct icon IMHO. Looking through the stock icons I can’t really find the best, maybe the question, maybe about. It really should be an informative one I guess.

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