Eurobasket 2005

I like a lot watching sports, but I’m not too passionate, except when it comes to the Spanish national basketball team. And today it was one of those days it’s nice to remember. 101-85 against Croatia in the quarter final of the Eurobasket 2005 that is taking place in Serbia & Montenegro, in a great game, with an overtime forced by Fran Vázquez in the last seconds, when all seemed lost for Spain.

All seemed to indicate Spain was going to take the same route as the other 3 first round groups’ leaders, all of them eliminated in the quarter finals in very ugly games (it is indeed curious that the 2 best teams, from what we’ve seen in the quarter finals have been Spain and Croatia, since the other 3 games were, well, “of low quality”), and the game started the same way, with Spain scoring only 11 points in the first quarter. But fortunately, the Spanish players reacted and won one of the best games I’ve seen in years.

Only bad thing was when the Croatians lost their nerves in the last minute of the overtime, following a foul on Gordan Giricek, when the crowd (Serbian) started to shout “Serbia, Serbia” (I guess there are still a lot of wounds to be closed between Serbians, Croatians and Bosnians), and the Croatian players and coach started to insult the referees. Bad end for a great game.

And tomorrow, semifinals against Germany. Let’s hope Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t break our hopes :)

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  1. See you at the final, hopefully against Greece… ;-)

    Hey, when I was 17, I was kinda crazy for Juan Antonio San Epifanio. Where is that guy nowdays? Is he coaching? Great player in his day, alongside Giménez and Martinez!

    (In Greece between 1987 and 1994 basketball was THE hottest thing in the world, because of our national team winning the Eurobasket ’87. Even 90 year old women knew all the big basketball players in Europe. Before 1987, no one really knew anything about basketball in Greece, it was a soccer-only country. ;)

  2. Juan Antonio San Epifanio, aka Epi, retired in the early 90s. He is now working as a commentator on a Spanish TV sports channel.

    And yeah, I recall that Eurobasket’87, in the Place of Peace and Friendship, crowded with 1000s of passionate greeks.

    And yeah, see you at the final :)

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