GNOME startup speed

I have been for a couple of days now looking at improving the startup speed of GNOME, and this is what I’ve found so far (patches not included).

  • gnome-session does a DNS check on the hostname, not sure why. I removed that and things seem to work as before.
  • Some programs in gnome-session are being started with g_spawn_sync. I changed some of them to be g_spawn_async.
  • esd is started twice, once in gnome-session and once in gnome-settings-daemon
  • Screensaver and typing break are not essential services for the startup, so I’ve changed gnome-settings-daemon to start those 2 processes on idle callbacks, so that they are started when everything else is running
  • xrdb is run 3 times in gnome-settings-daemon!

With these changes I’ve gone from starting the session in 12/15 seconds to 4/6 (I even got sometimes that ‘your session has lasted less than 10 seconds’ error after loging out immediately), and, I think, there is a lot of room for improvement still.

Not sending patches yet, since the changes I’ve made are quite ugly so far (commented out code, #ifdef’s, etc), but will be as soon as I get them sorted out.

Update: hadn’t really read Lorenzo’s analysis before, so I guess all the things he points out make much more room for improvement.

Also, bad news is that on the first login, things are quite slower (15/20 seconds), but I guess this could be easily improved by preloading libraries and programs.

4 thoughts on “GNOME startup speed”

  1. IIRC the reason for the first thing is that if your hostname doesn’t resolve Bonobo Activation causes massive delays. I think the check is there so the user is warned of this configuration error. I’d leave it ….

  2. the dns check is just awful.

    a couple of times installing a fresh ubuntu, I have wanted to begin my first desktop session whilst my networking config was only half finished.

    I got some strange dns error and gnome-session wouldn’t log into the desktop… quite frustrating.

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