White Christmas

Pretty white Christmas this year for me, with a week of holidays in the mountain (in Cerler) skiing, and a return home to an icy landscape.

The week skiing was great, as always, only bad thing is that this year we went totally unfit for the 6/7 hours of exercise needed for skiing (it’s been 7/8 months without doing much exercise, apart from walking on the countryside), so, the first day, both Yolanda and I were exhausted and pleading to return to the hotel for some rest. The following days, fortunately, things went better, and, while still tired, much more than other times, we weren’t as exhausted as the 1st day. This was a call for us to do more exercise during the non-ski months.

The weather was great, cold enough for the snow to be in good condition, but with sunny days.

The surprise was when we came back, finding the whole road, from Graus (100s of meters below the Cerler mountains), in the province of Huesca, to Peralta, totally covered with ice, looking more like Siberia than what many people think about Spain (sunny and hot all year).

Fortunately, the roads were pretty ok, so there was no risk driving around. Since we were in a hurry (family waiting for us for Christmas’ Day lunch), we didn’t stop to take some better photos, so the ones I took were taken from the car, without stopping, which makes them not reflect how beautiful the landscape we saw was. The best photos are the ones taken already in Peralta, with the car stopped 🙂