gnome-reset 0.1.2

I hereby present a new release of gnome-reset, a set of tools that allow users to backup, reset and restore their settings, with pluggable backends to add specific support for specific apps settings. Right now, there is support for GConf, files and directories sources, which means settings can be backed up from/restored to GConf, files and directories.

Right now, it contains two tools:

  • gnome-reset, to backup and reset settings
  • gnome-reset-restore, to restore a previous backup

Still lots of things to do, like providing support for all standard desktop tools, specific application support (like Evolution, which uses GConf data as well as .evolution directory), and any other idea people might have.

Get the tarball here

GNOME startup speed

After some great advise from Michael, I’ve committed 2 changes that improve a little bit more the GNOME startup time. This, with the previous changes (to gnome-settings-daemon to lazy load not critical services, like screensaver and typing break and use a single GConf client instead of calling gconf_client_get_default repeatedly), along with the GConf improvements recently announced, login time for CVS HEAD is, for me:

  • Cold startup: 14-18 seconds
  • Warm startup: 5-7 seconds

My “benchmark” is very basic (chronometer), so if anyone could benchmark it better, I’d appreciate it.