gnome-reset 0.1.2

I hereby present a new release of gnome-reset, a set of tools that allow users to backup, reset and restore their settings, with pluggable backends to add specific support for specific apps settings. Right now, there is support for GConf, files and directories sources, which means settings can be backed up from/restored to GConf, files and directories.

Right now, it contains two tools:

  • gnome-reset, to backup and reset settings
  • gnome-reset-restore, to restore a previous backup

Still lots of things to do, like providing support for all standard desktop tools, specific application support (like Evolution, which uses GConf data as well as .evolution directory), and any other idea people might have.

Get the tarball here

5 thoughts on “gnome-reset 0.1.2”

  1. Now *that’s* a really cool idea. With more application support, and possibly even scheduling for the backups, this is one extremely cool addition for GNOME.

  2. I know everyone should keep backups but it seems excesive to force them to make a backup by not providing any Close or Cancel button. (Okay so they can probably kill the window or use the X in the corner but it doesn’t follow the Gnome Guidelines and I’m surprised you left it out.)

    – Alan

  3. this could just be a LTSP-sys-admins wet-dream….;)

    I for one cannot state how often I would have appreciated having something like this at my disposal as a sys admin for a GNOME based LTSP desktop…Although I no longer have this job,the university department got all ancy about having to have a linux specialist on staff for administering the media room and handed the management off to the CS dept. which then promptly wiped linux and replaced with winshit, I for one would greatly appreciate such an application….

    keep up the great work…

    grateful end-user

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