We’re getting old

25 years ago, on Feb 23 1981, there was a coup d’├ętat, fortunately failed, that tried to get Spain to return to the dark ages of the Franco’s dictature. Because of this “25th anniversary”, I’ve been seeing lots of documentaries (and more to come, specially tomorrow on sat TV) about that day, and so have remembered where I was that day. Yeah, 25 years ago I was alive!

What I remember from that day, being only 8.5 years old, is my father calling home from his office and telling us (my mother, my sister and I) not to get out to the street under any circumstance. And after that, I remember my mother being worried, watching TV and listening to the radio all the time. And, the following morning, with no sleep at all. But what really upset me and my sister about that day was that, when we went to sleep, we were really happy because “something dangerous had happened”, so we thought we wouldn’t have to go to the school the day after. But, when we woke up and my mother told us everything was solved and that we had to go to the school, a huge deception invaded us. Then, more upset we were when we saw some other parents had allowed their children to not go the school.

So many years after that day, there are still a lot of black holes in the investigation, with no “big boss” detained, and lots of conspiracy theories floating around. I will myself read “23F, la verdad”, from Francisco Medina who, the other day, said on TV, while announcing his new book, that some people from most of the political parties at that time knew about the military insurrection and agreed with it. Of course, he said no more, so we’ll have to read the book to find out what and who he talks about.