After many years without having my own motorbike, I’m now decided to buy one, and looking into the offer for 125 c.c., which, due to some changes in the Spanish legislation (which allows people with car driving license to drive

  • Derbi GPR 125 Nude: this is a “streetfighter”, which is a competition bike with some changes to make the driving more comfortable.
  • Derbi Senda R 125:
  • Honda XR 125L:
  • I am looking for Trail bikes, so that I can use it both on the road and on paths, but the Derbi GPR 125 Nude catched my eye. It’s indeed quite beautiful, and the reviews I’ve read talk quite well about it. The problem with it is that you can only use it on the roads.

    I’ve seen also a few others, although right now they’re low on the list:

    Anyone can give any advise?

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    1. I have an Aprilia RS 125 (year 2004) and I can say it’s a great motorbike. 🙂

      The limited version (in Italy, without a license you cannot drive a bike over 11kW) is not so great (it lacks power at 6000 rpm), but the full version has a great engine! 😉

    2. Oh, my brother once tested the Aprilia supermotard (MX 125) and said it is another interesting choiche, expecially as you said you’re interested also in something more off-road. 🙂

    3. The Yamaha 225 Serow was probably the best small road/dirt bike ever made. I had one and it was a dream to ride. Yamaha have produced a new version this year which is even better and ups the cc’s to 250.

    4. I have the bike license, but only for <= 125 c.c. I just want to avoid having to get a license, so I'm limiting the search for <= 125 c.c. only.

    5. Under no circumstances buy a Derbi – every single example I’ve seen has been poor in build and quality. They have been slated in the motorcycling press, and on TV IIRC they destroyed one because it was so bad.

      The Yamaha DT 125, Aprilia RS 125 and Honda CBR 125 are all great bikes. It just depends if you want to go for a off-road style, or street bike. If you go for the Yam, then stick some street tyres on it for much better handling and that Supermoto look. Unless you’re going offroad 🙂

      Feel free to mail me if you wish. Gratuitous shot of my bike follows b(^_^)

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