Famous "friends"

Just watched (by coincidence, of course) a guy called Colate on a gossip-like TV program, a guy that is famous because of having romances with other famous people which, in turn, are famous for having romances with other famous people, and so on. Nothing strange, lots of this kind of people here in Spain, except that that guy went to the same school as I did! So, when I saw him, I couldn’t stand it, and just had a terrible laugh, specially since he’s being called on TV and other media with the same alias we used to call him when we were children (his name is Nicolás, Colate is just his little boy’s alias). And the laugh became unstandable when he said he wanted to work on TV, on gossip-like programs, I guess.

Not sure if, given I went to the same school, I might suffer from the same stupidity. At least I don’t show up on TV with my little boy’s alias, and no romances with famous people. At least not yet 🙂

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