Heading tomorrow to Vilanova for GUADEC, arriving early evening to Barcelona Sants train station. Very excited to go this year, since I missed last year’s, and missing GUADEC, even if only one, is very hard when you know what it is about. You usual GUADECers know what I talk about :-) Also very excited about the GNOME Village, it’s gonna be very cool to stay out at nights, hacking, talking and drinking some beer with fellow hackers, and listening to the music from the GUADEC band. And the FreeFA football tournament is going to be quite funny, I guess, and probably shadow that competition in Germany that people are watching all day.

About the content, I think lots of new ideas will come out from this GUADEC (like in all previous ones, really), and I hope to have some time to work a bit more on a couple of real things (rather than just ideas) I wanted to “present” in my talk (don’t miss it, Unix Power for Desktop, Wednesday 10 AM), to have them work well enough to show attendants what I am trying to accomplish with this.

So, yeah,
see you….
in Vilanova i la GeltrĂș!