American running with the bulls

Tomorrow the big San Fermín festival starts in Pamplona, and, as you all know already, lots of Americans (and English and Australians, etc) come to run with the bulls (even though, in some cases, they have never seen a Spanish bull). But this year, if I fail in convincing him, there will an American gnomie! Yeah, this afternoon I got a call, as planned, from Alex, came to Pamplona to help him and his girlfriend find a place to sleep (we finally found one, although as expensive as the Ritz), and, while showing him the city (and the path used for the running of the bulls), I mentioned all the dangers he would find, and while I didn’t succeed in convincing him for not running, at least he’s going to watch the first running of the bulls (next Friday) on TV, so that he takes a glance of what it looks like. Let’s hope the images of the bulls running over people convince him better than I could 🙂

Anyway, good to have him in Pamplona, so tomorrow we’ll party a little bit and, hopefully, finish convincing him for not running.

2 thoughts on “American running with the bulls”

  1. At first place, excuse “my english”, I know it´s awful 🙂

    I’ll give you a couple of arguments:

    – At last years, the most of the “fatal incidents” have been protagonized by foreign people

    – Participe in “encierro” without experience or without a good physic state is dangerous for him and for the rest of the people than runs near of him

    Good luck 🙂

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