Very happy to see WSOP going quite well (although a bit sad that my friend Carmen’s application wasn’t accepted), and having more women get into the GNOME project. I have though one complain (if you can call it so) to make, which is, why a separated planet for them? Wouldn’t it be better to have them on Planet GNOME? That way, I guess, they would feel much more integrated in the project than being on a separated room.

If there is no strong reason to have a separated planet, please, put them in our planet, we really want them to be part of the project since the beginning.

4 thoughts on “WSOP”

  1. Personally, I agree; I’d like to see them on pgo because segregation is bad. Jeff doesn’t think pgo should be for non-permanent hackers, though, and also tends to restrict it to foundation members or developers with CVS accounts (which the students don’t have yet) at his discretion.

    Since Jeff puts so much time into maintaining pgo, I can hardly argue, and I do see his point — but it does leave me a little unhappy.

  2. Chris: Don’t the Summer of Code folks have CVS accounts? I know last year they put SoC contributors on p.g.o, but this year they have their own planet instead. I agree with you guys on this topic. I didn’t even know about Planet WSOP!

  3. The SoC students only have accounts if they’ve come up with several patches that look sane and shown themselves trustworthy; since the WSOP students started a month later, I don’t think any are at that stage yet.

  4. Absolutely !!!

    The best solution should be joined all the planets on the Planet GNOME (Planet GNOME + Planet SoC + Planet WSOP).

    If not, there must be planet GNOME and Planet GNOME Summer Projects or something like that.

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