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While in Boston, I learnt more in detail about openSuSE’s build service. It allows people to build packages for any software they feel like, and is not reduced to support SuSE OS only, but other distributions (like Ubuntu and Fedora right now) also.

So, for testing my brand new account, I added a new package to my Home project, nautilus-actions. It was an easy task because I had the SPEC file already done, and had only to modify a couple of lines to adapt it to latest nautilus-actions release. I didn’t even have to build the packages myself, just adding the needed files to the repository (much like how CVS works) and triggering the builds on the server 2/3 times until it built correctly. Right now, I’ve got packages only for SuSE distributions, but I’ll add shortly Ubuntu and Fedora targets to the repository.

One thought on “openSUSE build service”

  1. Great news !

    I’ve added a link to your rpms on my Download page so every body using Suse can take advantage of it.

    Thanks !

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