New control center shell

The new control center shell (from Novell’s SLAB) is now on for GNOME 2.17.

As you can see in the dialog, it looks a bit ugly, not only because of the missing icons (my setup’s fault), but because there is only one category (“Preferences”). So, next step, categorize the capplets.

BTW, I couldn’t get CVSROOT/modules from GNOME CVS, so until I fix it, you’ll have to download by hand slab/libslab and put that libslab directory into gnome-control-center source tree.

6 thoughts on “New control center shell”

  1. That’s great. Will it be in the default menu in 2.18? (the current shell isn’t used at all unless you run the command manually).

  2. Gotta love GNOME. Spend ages getting rid of the control center shell from 1.x because users hated it, so now we go and put it back.

  3. Is there a good reason why it’s called “control center” (sounds like a scifi movie) instead of “system preferences” (like apple does IIRC), other than windows uses it?

  4. How will this change the system menu? As you categorize the applets, will they be placed into submenus in the Preferences and Administration menus as well? That would be a bad idea IMO (too many sub-menus), so either they need to stay uncategorized in the System menu, or maybe they could stay in one menu, and be seperated by category headers.

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