RSI and hackers

I guess lots of people have the same problem I had, which is that, due to the extensive use of computers, I had always pain in my hands. Not enough to think that I had RSI, but I had been feeling that for so long, that I guess I would get RSI sooner or later. So, since Davyd just mentioned it on IRC, here’s a tip on how us (hackers) can prevent any injury. I was advised to use the Chinese health balls while watching TV or just sitting on the couch, to massage the muscles in the hands, and after almost 2 months using them, I have to say I don’t feel pain anymore, and when I’ve felt some (just in the first few days), using the balls for a little bit calmed it down.

So, if you use computers too many hours and feel some pain in your hands, I advise you to try, it has worked for me.

5 thoughts on “RSI and hackers”

  1. Also try different keyboards. I’ve been working on a 12″ ibook for years without problems, but switching to a bigger T60 caused me aching wrists. Now with an external keyboard everything is fine again.

  2. What about shoulders? :S
    I hear about arms, backs, hands, fingers, but am I the only one with a sour shoulder?

  3. The bottom line of getting over RSI is to have proper posture and spend less time in front of the computer. I used to (and still have some) RSI in my arms. I have had physiotherapist appointments once a week. I bought a trackball and a curved keyboard. And I installed a timer called workrave in my computer. A timer is great only if it does not ask you to take a break during deep thinking….

  4. I got a Microsoft Keyboard and mouse and learned to type from scratch. The pain went away. I will try the balls.

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