7 thoughts on “Zaragoza moves to Linux”

  1. Quoting El Mundo:

    “se ha editado una guía explicativa sobre ‘software’ libre, que es una adaptación de la editada por el Ayuntamiento de Rubí (Barcelona) con licencia Creative Commons.”

    Hey, thatś my book! :)

  2. anonymous: that page lists the metropolitan areas, not cities. If you look closely, it shows in position 7 Asturias, which is the mix of two cities (Gijón and Oviedo), then in 8th position, Alicante and Elche. Also, Sevilla and Bilbao have bigger metropolitan areas, but the cities are, AFAIK, smaller than Zaragoza, which, on the other hand, has a small metropolitan area compared to the size of the city (it is in the middle of an almost desert).

    So, yeah, Zaragoza is still, AFAIK, one of the 4/5 biggest cities in Spain

  3. Quim Gil: None of them, a real shame!

    Rodrigo Moya: Thanks for the explanation.

    (Note that my previous comment wasn’t meant to be offensive, I’m sorry if I caused some kind of misunderstanding. This is really good news, be it first or the last city in Spain ;)

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