Be my friend again, please

I have had like 5000/6000 unread mails on my inbox now for a long time, so in between compilations, web page loading, etc, I started today looking at the huge pile of unread mail. It was supposed to only contain mails from mailing lists, spam and similar things, since I have nice vfolders on Evolution which are the ones I always keep up-to-date. But, for some reason, some of my personal mails were in the huge pile of unread mail but not on the ‘Personal mail’ vfolder, so I started answering mails from last May! from people writing to me directly.

So, if in the last (lots of) months you wrote to me and didn’t get any answer, please, be my friend again, it was a technical problem :-) I’m now going to go over all of them and, at last, have a tidy mailbox from now on.

A dream come true

In the 80’s, thanks to the Paris-Dakar rally, the trail motorbikes got lots of success, everyone wanted to emulate the heroes of the desert. But in the 90’s, the motorbike manufacturers started moving away from that kind of motorbikes, making the trail bikes too oriented for on-road driving, very far away from the all-terrain capabilities the machines in the 80’s had. Up till now, you had to choose either a KTM (too, I repeat, too, expensive), or just go for a touring motorbike with off-road capabilities (like my Aprilia Pegaso Trail) and use it in all-terrains, or for an Enduro bike.

Fortunately this is changing, with the release in 2008 of the new Yamaha Teneré:

And, if rumours are true, the new Honda Transalp:

(I hope the real one looks better than in this mockup though :-) )

/me starts saving money for the Teneré

Encuentro GNOME San Sebastian

GNOME Hispano is proud to announce the “Encuentro GNOME” at San Sebastian (a GNOME hackers/users meeting), in the North of Spain. As previous meetings, this will be a good opportunity for the GNOME Spanish-speaking community to meet and have fun together.

San Sebastian is a very beautiful city in the Basque country (North of Spain), famous because of its beach and the “pintxos” (local name for tapas), located very close to the French border.

The dates are not confirmed yet, since it depends on the availability of the people attending (it’s just an informal meeting to meet together, so we need as many people as possible), but initially 17-18th November are set up. So, if you want to attend, add yourself to the wiki.