Be my friend again, please

I have had like 5000/6000 unread mails on my inbox now for a long time, so in between compilations, web page loading, etc, I started today looking at the huge pile of unread mail. It was supposed to only contain mails from mailing lists, spam and similar things, since I have nice vfolders on Evolution which are the ones I always keep up-to-date. But, for some reason, some of my personal mails were in the huge pile of unread mail but not on the ‘Personal mail’ vfolder, so I started answering mails from last May! from people writing to me directly.

So, if in the last (lots of) months you wrote to me and didn’t get any answer, please, be my friend again, it was a technical problem 🙂 I’m now going to go over all of them and, at last, have a tidy mailbox from now on.