Murray vs Jeff

Not sure if I’ve understood what Murray and Jeff are discussing about, but just wanted to add a couple of things:

  • While working at Novell, I have never felt under attack by the GNOME community. It’s true that I’ve had to explain some Novell movements many times to friendly people that didn’t agree with those movements, but I’ve never, repeat, never, felt being attacked by fellow GNOME developers. On the contrary, I’ve always felt at home within them.
  • Murray, you are a person I admire a lot, because of the relationship we’ve had through the GNOME-DB project, which you helped a lot, and for all the other things you do for GNOME. And while you might (or might not, don’t know myself) be right, I don’t think it is clever to use personal attacks as you have done, specially without a medical certificate 🙂 If there is something wrong about Jeff’s behavior, please bring it, respectfully, to whomever might be able to do something about it. Doing it this way will gain you lots of ennemies, which you don’t deserve, specially because most people I know, included myself, have always had a pleasant relationship with Jeff. So, I’m not saying you are lying or inventing things, but, at least for me, this all sounded like science-fiction, given Jeff has always been to me a very helpful person.

Anyway, please let’s discuss things in a moderate and clever manner 🙂

4 thoughts on “Murray vs Jeff”

  1. YOU (the reader of p.g.o) are the person who can do something about it. Jeff is running for the board again; he’s trying to get you to not vote for him. I’m not sure what way could possibly be more appropriate. This is how democracy works.

  2. Yes, I’m not trying to shut Murray up, he has all the rights to raise any concern he wants. I just don’t agree with him talking about Jeff’s mental sanity, that is an insult, at least here where I live.

    As for the other things he said, I don’t agree/disagree with him because I don’t know the details, so have nothing to base a good decision on. But, of course, he has all the right to say whatever he wants, and if there’s something that worries him about GNOME, a project he clearly cares about, as I’ve seen myself, he should raise it wherever he wants, but trying not to use personal insults. Sorry if I wasn’t clearer

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