gnome-control-center/gnome-settings-daemon 2.21.5

Release 2.21.5 for gnome-control-center and gnome-settings-daemon are now ready for your testing pleasure. This is the first release of gnome-control-center depending on the standalone gnome-settings-daemon (which was previously part of gnome-control-center), which is also used by the new GDM.

Testing is largely needed, so please report bugs/suggestions/patches to either the gnomecc-list or Bugzilla.

9 thoughts on “gnome-control-center/gnome-settings-daemon 2.21.5”

  1. The gnome-settings-daemon doesn’t install because of missing files.

    gmake[3]: *** No rule to make target `default-editor.gnome-settings-plugin’, needed by `all-am’. Stop.

    We will need the

  2. does it mean that gnome-settings-daemon will be removed from gnome project at all? Coz its hard to find the case to have it running while we have gconf.
    Or i misunderstanding the sence of it? I breafly took a look on sources and doesnt found nothing what gconf cant provide.

  3. Alexander, gnome-settings-daemon is not something like gconfd, it starts services (like the clipboard manager, the screensaver, etc), gets X low level settings (xsettings), etc. It’s not a configuration database like gconf

  4. Hi Alexander,

    I don’t use gnome but noticed that if I nevertheless start gnome-settings-daemon the volume control keys on my notebook start working. Without gnome-settings-daemon they don’t work. Since gnome-settings-daemon starts a bunch of services which I don’t need (background, clipboard, screensaver, etc, etc) I don’t want to run the whole thing. What does it do that enables the volume control keys? This is the only functionality that I need from it so I would be really happy if I could decouple it from the rest.

    BTW, is there documentation somewhere for gnome-settings-daemon so maybe I could figure it out by myself?

  5. Thanks Rodrigo!

    I’ve been searching around, even checked out the gnome-settings-daemon code from svn, but still can’t figure out how it works exactly.

    So I have to put modules into $HOME/.gconf/apps/gnome-settings-daemon/plugins and only those modules will be loaded? I’m assuming ‘plugins’ is a directory, right? In what format do I specify the modules in this ‘plugins’ directory? Judgeing from the other directories that are in $HOME/.gconf/apps I guess I have to use some xml but what is really the format?

    And what is the module name for keyboard multimedia key enabling?

    Sorry for all these questions but the documentation on gnome-settings-daemon is basically only the source code itself and googling didn’t help either (I really tried!).

  6. bhabha, you need to use gconf-editor to modify those files, doing it by hand won’t work if gconfd is running, since it will ignore the changes and replace them with old values next time it saves the file.

    So just fire up gconf-editor, and go to /apps/gnome-settings-daemon. You’ll see there directories and entries for each plugin, so just disable the ones you don’t want

    For keyboard multimedia it’s media-keys

  7. Thanks a million, Rodrigo!

    I didn’t know about gconf-editor, now everything works as I wished it did!

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