After the success of the I GUADEMY, held in A Coruña last year, a 2nd one needed to be organized, with more international presence and, we’ll see if it succeeds in doing that, getting KDE and GNOME desktops to share much more than a few specs/standards. So, the II GUADEMY, thanks to PoLinuX, is going to be held in Valencia, on the East coast of Spain, nice city known for its good weather and the Fallas.

Most Spanish community members from both KDE and GNOME will attend, and this year the hope is to get much more international presence than last year. Also, the focus will be on technologies common to both desktops (rather than talks specific to one desktop, like there were last year), and, given that GUADEC and Akademy will be held later in the year, it is a good opportunity to get with some plans for further integration between the two free desktops. Are you gonna miss it???

More information here.