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For openSUSE 11.1, and with the new gnome-sound-properties from GNOME 2.24, we switched to libcanberra for playing sounds for events. This allows us to have sound themes now, and, as part of the libcanberra inclusion, we added sound-theme-freedesktop, which is the sound theme from (in case you didn’t guess from the name 🙂 ), and which is the only one available so far for libcanberra to use.

libcanberra (and the sound properties applet) gives us the opportunity to have different sound themes very easily. I am not aware of any project to have openSUSE-branded sounds, but if it exists or someone wants to provide some new sounds, please contact me, we might be able to include them in 11.1 (as a sound-theme-openSUSE package) if they are good enough (and are ready ASAP 🙂 ).

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  1. Hey MadsRH, cool to hear this. I’m starting to package your sounds, but there are some missing sounds as well as other things to make it comply to the sound theme specification, so could you please poke me on IRC (#opensuse-gnome at, my nick is rodrigo_) so that we can discuss it?

  2. Hi Rodrigo
    I won’t be able to finish the sounds – sorry. I really have no idea how things like this work and I have already spend a lot of time, just trying to figure it out. On the creative part, I can now see that with all the sounds my “set” is missing, it would take me weeks to create and record them all.

    If anyone wants to finish this “set”, you are more than welcome.
    Best regards


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