In the 8 years I’ve been at Novell/Ximian, several layoffs have happened (not in the Ximian times, AFAIR), and until now, I was never affected (directly, of course, since losing very good work colleagues affects), so it was just a matter of time that it would affect me. So, yes, from Feb 17th, I am officially unemployed, for the 1st time in, like 15 years or so. And, for the 1st time in my life, I have been fired from a company.

Fortunately, I am a positive person, and since I had been thinking for a while to move somewhere else, this gives me the opportunity to stop thinking and start acting. More on these plans as soon as they materialize, as for the time being, I’m going to relax for a couple of weeks, doing nothing but have fun.

Of course, as I am unemployed, I’m open to hear any offers, so feel free to send any, if you want me. Apart from computing, I am very good at riding motorcycles, skiing, having fun and making maps, just good at cooking and canoeing, and wanting to learn on martial arts and lots of other stuff, so, if you have something fitting any of these categories, feel free to offer me a job 😀

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that!

    Just remember that getting laid off in these times is not a reflection of your work or worth. Enjoy your time off! Good luck figuring out which interest to pursue first!

  2. Hello,

    Ximian did have at least one round of layoffs.

    Also, do not be sad. You were laid off, not fired. Fired means that your work was bad in some form. Laid off merely means that company direction changed and you were picked.

    Good luck in your future adventures!

  3. Hey, you don’t know me (and I don’t know you), but I wish you to find a good — maybe even better than the previous one 🙂 — job soon.

  4. I suggest that you avoid the word “fired”, because it is usually used only when someone is dismissed for cause, and it usually is not used when a company does general cuts, cancels a project, or the like. So saying that you were fired, instead of laid off, makes it sound like you deserved to be kicked out, which of course isn’t true.

  5. Be careful about using the term “fired”. People generally associate that with bad performance. If you were let go as part of a large cutback, use “laid off”.

  6. Very sad to hear that. First hub, now you. Novell is losing valuable people.

    Good luck for the future, and let us know what you’ll do!

  7. It won’t take you long to find a better place for you. You are a not only a great professional but also an excelent mate. I’m sure there’s something good waiting for you!

  8. Sad to hear you got sacked too 🙁 I wish there’s something positive coming out of all this for you. You’re one of the most cheerful guys I’ve met so I don’t have any doubts you can take a life’s punch. Good luck Rodrigo!

  9. Ah. this sucks. You were one of the most positive people I’ve been with. With your abundant talent, you will easily get another job. Good Luck.

  10. Vaya Rodrigo!!! Lamento muchísimo, de veras, oir eso… :’-(
    Solo espero y deseo que puedas encontrar rápida y facilmente otro trabajo (que imagino que no deberá costarte nada). Te diría que te vinieses a España, pero por aquí está la jodida crisis mal y no se cómo lo tendrías. Pero si vinieses y fuese por Barcelona, no dudes en contactar conmigo.

    Mis mejores deseos Rodrigo. Un fuerte abrazo desde España.

    Have a nice day 😉

  11. Christoph: I’m more keen on Chinese martial arts, so learning that now, but as soon as I learn a bit more, I might try taekwondo, thanks for the advise. I find though taekwondo (or what I know about it) a bit more violent than what I like. But be sure I’ll try it sometime

    Justin: yes, of course, companies are just a way to get paid for working on what I like, which is GNOME, and lately, openSUSE, so be sure I’ll continue involved.

    Manuel: I’m already in Spain 🙂

    And the others, thank you a lot guys, this is why I’ll keep working on GNOME/openSUSE (GNOME for sure, hope also for openSUSE, but it depends on what I get). It’s not only because the technology rocks, but specially because of the great people you meet 🙂

    And yeah, sorry for the “fired” thing, in Spanish we use the same word (“echar”) for any kind of lay off/firing, so I got confused 🙂

  12. Yeah, and English it’s the same, right? I mean, if they need to lay off, why not lay off the people you’d like to fire. Although in this case it doesn’t match 😮

  13. Honestly, I’m certain that you will come back from this and make space for yourself without Novell. Free software developers have shown that they take initiative, are autonomous, and aren’t afraid to spend time on something they love, without thinking of how it will make them money.

    In these times of uncertainty, being laid off is an opportunity in itself – have you considered setting yourself up as an independent, or starting a company? If not, I’d recommend that you spend as little time as possible at home – meet people hack on things that matter to you, and opportunities will present themselves.

    Good luck!

  14. I’ve just hear about your lay-off today. I’m really sorry. OTOH, well, this is the opportunity to explore other employments. I’d love to see you at GCDS. That could be a nice opportunity to close bussines deals too 😀

    And please don’t leave GNOME: you are an inspiration about what a hacker and community leader should be 🙂

  15. %&$#@*!
    I’m sorry to hear this really bad news and I hope you find something soon. Although these are really bad times, I think your reputation precedes you and that’s always good. (Also; “karma points” work in mysterious ways).
    Anyway; have a «chupito» of Patxaran (or whatever suits you better) and take that first step towards a new chapter of life.

  16. Rodrigo: I’m very sorry to hear this! But I know you are a strong professional and will find a much better job soon. Good luck! 🙂

    All the best for you!


  17. Cheer up, Rodrigo! I am confident the man of your energy and skills will be just fine, very soon.

    Hopefully you won’t give up on GNOME

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